Prengi is a ready-made expert solution for managing building maintenance processes. The Prengi platform was created by a team of diverse specialists based on their experience of real estate maintenance.

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Our team offers an innovative digital solution for automating the management and maintenance of buildings.

Prengi specialists customize a set of unique modules that cover all fields of operational management and communication processes. Thanks to Prengi, you can build clear and transparent algorithms for working with contractors and service organizations, set up an unified document flow, increase the level of customer service and optimize resource consumption.

Join Prengi – manage buildings easily and transparently.

Advantages of the Prengi system:

– Automation of maintenance and operation management of the building. With Prengi you will get an individual map of your equipment and communication systems, an effective tool for monitoring and planning maintenance. In case of deviation from the planned indicators, the system automatically creates a notification and a task for the responsible person.

-Optimization of building maintenance costs. Due to the planned efficient maintenance, the risks of breakdowns and unplanned costs are minimized. Prengi automates the schedule of servicing work, implements a system of indicators that signal the need for preventive maintenance works and plans them.

– Improving the quality of customer service. Prompt and quality service is the key aspect of safe and pleasant leisure for your guests. Thanks to Prengi, you can quickly order cleaning and repair services, neutralize breakdowns quickly and respond instantly to the wishes of your guests.

– Full automation of communication processes. With Prengi you set up your own internal communication processes between employees, contractors and tenants. Recording of requests and appeals, tracking of statuses and stages of execution, algorithms of fast coordination and feedback.

– Transparent control over the performance and quality of incoming services. You receive a building plan and technical passport of the building, complete information about the equipment and schedule of servicing works  in the unified place. Prengi provides settings for the approval, payment and execution of the list of defined works, its own checklists for quality control, an effective tool for appeals and changes.

– Save time and resources. Thanks to the automation of routine tasks, such as the formation and approval of applications, registration of passes, security and logistics documents, Prengi optimizes the processing time of standard applications.– QR code system. Thanks to the quality tracking system, your guests and customers will be able to leave and receive feedback quickly.

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