Prengi provides automation of maintenance of building equipment and engineering systems. It preserves the history of movement and operation of equipment, allows to plan repairs and lead a calendar of network services. Using Prengi also simplifies the planning of seasonal work and communication with service companies.

Equipment management

Prengi allows you to create your own location equipment  map and equipment passports, and keeps a history of operating costs. It generates statistics of repairs and causes of breakdowns, schedules preventative maintenance and plans necessary examinations.

Energy management

Set up automatic meter readings, get consumption statistics and analytics, set limits, and receive alerts in case of consumption anomalies.

Security and fire safety

Create maps of security patrols and scans according to the specifics of your facility. With Prengi, you can easily configure security systems, including video surveillance and permit systems, as integration with security sensors is seamless.

Object state control

Prengi allows you to build a system of checklists and QR-codes. Our experts have formed a package of analytics of important current indicators and deviations from certain indicators for each type of real estate. The system provides automatic creation of tasks for the responsible person in case of excessive consumption. Scheduled audits, algorithms of daily inspections are now in one available system.

Interaction with contractors

This module covers all aspects of cooperation with contractors. Our specialists and experts have developed ready-made algorithms for creating and approving the contractual process, creating applications for urgent and scheduled work, quality control and timeliness of services, rating system of contractors

Interaction with tenants

Prengi specialists offer a ready-made solution for clear and transparent interaction with tenants. Fill in information about the tenant, manage contractual relations, control payments and debts, manage appeals. Prengi provides full automation of communication processes.

Cleaning management

The Prengi system contains ready-made algorithms for the work of cleaning staff, a quality assessment system and checklists. Adding photo reports, making comments and suggestions, analyzing the quality of service delivery is now in one accessible system.

Service desk

This module was developed by Prengi specialists taking into account the needs of fast coordination of work processes. Automation of internal communication processes, management of appeals and requests, control over the progress of tasks and requests, coordination of work and prioritization of tasks in the Service desk module.

Analytics and reports

Prengi automatically generates reports about the most important processes and indicators, measures the efficiency of its complementation and levels of workload on those responsible people. Also Prengi contains forecasting indicators and data archives.

Object certification

Prengi consolidates complete building information including
interactive plan of the facility,
project documentation,
list of equipment. Due to the fact that the most important information is stored systematically and updated timely, system maintenance and operation of the building becomes more efficient.